Building a stronger community with peer connections

Merlin Advisory Council (MAC)

The Merlin Advisory Council is at the heart of our community. Comprised of whom we consider to be the best of the best, with a true passion for engaging with startups. The Council members act as our community champions, forging deep connections with Merlin Ventures portfolio founders, while providing strategic go-to-market and product market fit advice to give them a strong foundation for success.

Israeli Startup Advisory Network (ISAN)

Managed in partnership with the Israeli Embassy, the Israeli Startup Advisory Network (ISAN) is a thriving community of US-based cybersecurity executives with the purpose of providing members with deep insights into the Israeli cybersecurity startup ecosystem. Through a variety of initiatives, we bring Israeli innovation and the US marketplace closer together and facilitate invaluable sharing of information and collaboration between members.

Startup Analysis Meetings:

We host monthly meetings during which the Merlin Ventures team dissects a handful of early-stage vendors and gives members the ability to share notes and opinions, as well as connect them with any startups of interest.

Interactive Showcases:

Every quarter, we invite the founders of four innovative Israeli startups to pitch a panel of hand-picked judges. These interactive sessions provide a fun and engaging way for members to hear directly from the founders and provide feedback on their products.

In-person Meetups:

Whether it is at a large industry event, a delegation to Tel Aviv, or an intimate lunch or dinner in a major US City, we host regular in-person gatherings for the development of strong relationships between members.

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