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Merlin Ventures is a strategic investor focused on driving growth and value for cybersecurity software companies with market-leading potential. We search globally for opportunities to partner with world-class entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technologies. Every investment in our portfolio benefits from our expertise within the U.S. federal and commercial markets and enjoys critical engineering, go-to-market, sales, and support services from Merlin’s vastly experienced team.

Who We Invest In

Enterprise cybersecurity software companies

How Much We Invest

Up to $10 million

Where We Invest

United States and Allied Nations with a focus on Israel

When We Invest

Seed, A, and B funding rounds

Our Approach

We’re More Than Just an Investor

Emerging cybersecurity companies have options when it comes to seeking funding. But companies come to Merlin Ventures because we are unlike any other strategic investment firm. We provide infrastructure for market readiness, cybersecurity engineering expertise, and go-to-market muscle for all of our portfolio companies, helping them penetrate and pursue some of the largest markets in the world.

At Merlin Ventures, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s next in cybersecurity. We scour the globe for the world’s most innovative emerging cybersecurity technologies. We then strategically invest and rapidly scale them – dramatically increasing their valuation while equipping enterprises with unique ways to solve critical cybersecurity challenges.

Merlin VC Team

Seth Spergel

Managing Partner

Merlin VC Team

Shay Michel

Managing Partner

Merlin VC Team

Almog Golod


Merlin VC Team

Tav Spector

Head of Business Development

Merlin VC Team

Jason Cenamor

Director of Community

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