Every enterprise has a multitude of edge devices – from POS systems and ATM machines to vehicles and refrigerators. Enterprises have amassed these devices across all of their regional sites and locations. Enterprise customers are now engaging with enterprises at these edge devices – their experience with these devices today shapes and determines the enterprise’s reputation. For this reason, managing edge devices is more essential than ever. It’s hard. It’s time-consuming. It’s expensive. This is why enterprises lack visibility, context and control at the edge – it’s a problem too big and messy most vendors just don’t want to touch. Not Centerity – this is their mission.

Many enterprises often push this challenge to their service providers, employing their help to centrally connect, secure, monitor and manage their distributed enterprise edge environments. Centerity makes the complex edge simple.

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  • Leadership
    • Roi Keren, CEO
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    Newton, MA, USA

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    Edge Visibility and Control

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